In a recent development, the administration of our BELOVED President Donald Trump has issued a new questionnaire for the people who are applying for a United States Visa all over the world.

This new document demands that these people give their social media handles from the last 5 years and all personal information from as far as 15 years ago (fuck that).

These new questions, which increases the scrutiny of visitors to the United States, were approved by the Office of Management and Budget on May 23rd, despite the criticism from various scholarly officials and groups from educational institutions during a public discussion over the new document.

The critics made a fair point that the questions are excessively demanding, would take a long ass time to process, and can also discourage international students and scientists from visiting the United States of America (I mean, who the hell wouldn’t want to come here?).

In this new system, embassy officials may request for all former passport numbers, social media details for the last 5 years, email addresses, phone numbers, and biographical details such as addresses, employments and travel history over the last 15 years.

To be quite honest, I wouldn’t be able to give them shit because I wouldn’t really remember that information from so long ago.

According to a State Department official, this additional information will be requested at the discretion of the officials when they determine the need to confirm the identity or perform strict national security inspections.

Earlier, the State Department issued a statement that the strict evaluation will apply to visa applicants who have been singled out to require closer examination related to terrorism or exclusions related to national security.

None of this shit even comes as a surprise because of President Donald Trump’s pledge to tighten national security and border protections.

Recently, his attempt to issue a temporary travel ban on people from 6 predominantly Muslim nations was fucked when a U.S. court declined to reinstate it because it was discriminatory (no shit) … A development which has caused tension between Trump’s administration and the Supreme Court.

However, the Office of the State Management and Budget made emergency approval to the new questionnaire for 6 months rather than the usual 3 years.

Although answers to the new questions are not even mandatory, the form states that a failure to give the required information might delay or halt the processing of an individual’s visa application.

Supporters of this new development and some immigration lawyers say that the demand for a 15-year biographical information as well as all the social media handles is to isolate applicants that make stupid mistakes or those who can’t remember all the information required from them.

In his analysis of the situation, Babak Yousefzadeh ($5 bucks to anybody who can pronounce that name), who is an attorney based in San Francisco and the President of the Iranian-American Bar Association, said that the new questions had empowered consular officials with arbitrary power to deny a visa without any measure to check the accuracy of their decision.

Yousefzadeh stated that the United States already has the strictest visa application procedure in the world … And I’ve also confirmed this by speaking to people from all over the world.

So, it seems that the actual need to further scrutinize any U.S. visa applicant is pretty unclear.

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  1. Good luck with that president. There is a lot of talk about closing borders or tightening freedom of circulation, but it’s impossible to regulate that many people these days. Anyway, the people who want you harm are already in the place. And it’s the same everywhere.

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